Viewing Chamber

In 2004, a new structure with underwater observation windows replaced the original Fishway that had provided passage to spawning grounds for more than 35 years. This new Fishway is an actual laboratory for Fisheries and Oceans’ scientists and students. Here, salmon are measured and counted before they continue on the journey upstream. This viewing chamber has become the most popular attraction at the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Center.

John Hogan Trail

The John Hogan Trail is a 3 km boardwalk designed and constructed by the Town of Hawkes Bay and named for Ranger John Hogan, who during the spring of 1943, without thought for himself, cared for a totally incapacitated companion in the wild for 50 days. He did so with without provisions and equipment, just ingenuity and a strong will. The trail meanders along the edge of the Torrent River from the Salmon Interpretation Center to the Torrent River Nature Park. Here, you will experience a wonderful variety of plants and animals along the way, as well as some spectacular views of the river.


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